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Bird of Prey Boarding Service

Know you raptor is in good hands while you are away

Finding a safe place to leave your birds while you are away is not an easy task. We offer a professional, secure setup for most raptors, so that you are able to feel confident when you need to leave your birds.

We can take on both short and long term stays, whether they are well planned in advance or last minute emergency bookings for unforseen circumstances.

We welcome pre-boarding visits to the site (made via prior booking) so that you can meet with us and we can show you around our facilities, for total piece of mind before you board your bird with us.

Our Pricing

For tethered birds we charge: £8 a day

For freelofted birds we charge: £15 a day

This includes the bird's daily feed.
For special requirements, please discuss it with us and see how we can be of help.