Setting a solid foundation in key falconry skills

Individual Falconry Tuition

Offering bespoke teaching

What do we offer?

We offer private one-to-one tuition for those looking to learn new falconry skills, or those looking to refine their current techniques. All our tuition is bespoke to your requirements.

We have all-weather teaching facilities, and extensive hunting land at our disposal for those wishing to learn to hunt with their bird.

We can take students through all aspects of falconry including, species choice, bird husbandry, accomodation, health, relevent law, telemetry, food preparation, weight management, basic training and fieldcraft.

So you want to become a falconer?

We suggest you need to do the following:

Research & Read

Books won't teach you everything you need to know, but they will give you a great introduction into the world of falconry and basic management of birds. Compliment your own home research by having some lessons with us. Feel free to get in touch if you would like some reading suggestions.

Get hands on!

Whether you choose to book some individual tuition with us or to volunteer somewhere - nothing beats plenty of practical experience. You will learn the reality of keeping birds of prey as well as have the chance to interact with a range of species. This will teach you how to safely handle and work with raptors as well as help you decide which kind of birds you would prefer to work with.

Find a Mentor

It is very important to find someone who can mentor you once you aquire your own bird. Finding someone who is local to you is vital, and it also helps if they fly the same birds as you. We are sometimes able to offer mentorship opportunities here. Joining a falconry club will also help you to network with other falconers and potentially meet a suitable mentor.

Tuition Costs

Full Day Tuition


Half Day Tuition


Day includes:
  • Bespoke lessons to suit your needs
  • Mixture of practical handling and theory
  • Teaching materials provided
  • Access to a wide range of species

Why Choose Us?

Many falconry centres offer short courses promising that you will learn everything. The reality is that falconry is not something that can be learned over one week. We encourage you to take gaps between each stage of your learning to allow time for further research and practice of practical skills between each session with us.

By taking your time and not rushing out to buy a bird you will be able to fully prepare. It gives you time to find land permissions to fly your bird on, choose the best suited species of bird, build your mews and gather the right equipment you will need.

We can support and advise you with all of this as well as help you find reputable breeders. Please get in touch to see how we can support your journey to become a falconer.

For further information on becoming a falconer get in touch now!

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