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Raptor Awards Courses

Accreditation for the world-wide bird of prey community

Who Is Raptor Awards For?

If you are a newcomer to falconry looking into getting your own bird of prey, then the Raptor Awards course is for you. Carefully structured to cover all aspects of basic bird of prey management and falconry training, it is a solid place to start your falconry journey.

We run Raptor Awards as five day intensive courses, as well as through weekly tuition. So you can learn at the pace that is best for you. Groups are never bigger than 3 participants and we can offer individual tuition too.

There are 3 parts to the Raptor Awards courses

Online Learning & Quizzes

You will have access to the Raptor Awards learning zone - with teaching materials and information to guide you, as well as online quizzes for each core to test your knowledge.

Practical Tuition

Our intensive 3 & 5 day courses teach you the practical skills and techniques needed to work safely with birds of prey, as well as chance to discuss all aspects of raptor management.


Everyone learns at their own rate so we offer continued support, via phone and email during your learning process. Candidates are only passed once you show competence.

Teaching Content for each course

Award One: Keeping Birds Of Prey

  • C1. Accommodation and equipment
  • C2. Feeding and nutrition
  • C3. Monitoring and maintaining health
  • C4. Catching, restraining and moving birds of prey
  • C5. UK legislation

Award Two: Training Birds of Prey

  • C6. Falconry furniture and equipment
  • C7. Species characteristics and types
  • C8. Initial training, manning and weight management

Course Costs

"Keeping Birds of Prey"

Three Day Course | Max. 3 Participants

"Training Birds of Prey"

Five Day Course | Max. 3 Participants

Pricing Summary

Course cost includes:
  • Raptor Awards candidate sign-up fee
  • Online Learning Zone access
  • Practical Tuition & Mentorship
  • Certificates on completion of course

Why Choose Raptor Awards?

The Raptor Awards network is the only fully quality assured group of training providers working in the UK and beyond. By engaging with Raptor Award's specialist providers you can be assured of quality mentoring and training based on standards devised by some of the world's best expert keepers and veterinary specialists.

Programmes include basic training courses for those who wish to keep birds of prey, through to specialist professional courses for individuals who want to develop a full-time career or business.

Raptor Awards maintains a strict quality control process incorporating the principles of ISO 9001, which is your assurance of good service from the scheme and provider network.

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